Monday, 4 November 2013

A visit to Hello Kitty Town Malaysia

Hi there,
At 1.11.13 we go to HK town to celebrate our 8 months anniversary.
It was 1day trip & that's enough for that because there doesn't have much attractions there. HK is only 1st floor & have 6 activities to enjoy. If u want to go with kids, they ll have fun alot. But if u are adults & go there only to see HK , it is enjoyable. Well, we have a great time there. I made that cute HK dress for us & I think it success. We look cute. :P

This at at the entrance to HK town.. Our dress look nice hehe...

At the Hello Kitty Kitchen..

In Hello Kitty room, ready to go... ^0^

 This is my favorite photos of us..

At Hello Kitty Costume place,

At Hello Kitty black wonder , We are on a mission to save Hello Kitty & Daniel with the help of that lamp. We finnally save them & got a certificate... Amazing. :)

 At savorier  shop, we didn't bought anything because everything seems so expensive for us. Just took a lots of pictures, haha... 

Enjoying the dinner after visiting, they give free drink for everyone who comes to Hello Kitty Town. & that restaurant is nice. they said 1st animated jungle feel restaurant & it really is. We enjoy our dinner with the sounds of birds, some animals.. feel like really in a forest. 

So this is all & overall I enjoy our visit to there. Hope u ll enjoy watching all. I ll make a video for that on you tube later. Thanks u!!
If u curious more, feel free to comment & let me know. I ll get back to u. :)

DreamGirl Crafty( Crystal )

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