Friday, 4 October 2013

Felt wedding favours

This is my handmade wedding favours. price is RM3 to RM 6.
Custom orders accepting. 
include cellphone straps & warp in clear plastic bag.
Minimum order is 100pieces.
200 & Above - get 0.50RM  discount for each items.
Please order 1month advence because all items are hand stitch.
Thanks u!!
Colorful Kawaii Onigari plushies - RM 3 for each 

 Colorful Cute Bow Bookmark - RM 4.50 for each

Mr & Mrs Cloud Plushies - RM 4 for each
  Custom Keychain - RM5    for each

                                                         Love Bird Plushie - RM 3.50 for each

 Heart Pillow Plushie - RM 4 for each 
Can put initials in place of 1heart

 Custom Biscuit Plushie - RM 4 for each

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