Sunday, 5 October 2014

Baby Honey Bee Free Pattern

Hello, Crocheters.
Today i decided to share my very first pattern with you guys.
I know it's quite simple & may be you already know how to do that.
But I made this cute little bee by my own sketch without looking or copying other's patterns.
I am now planning to open a crochet class back in my home country,Myanmar. I was also on a 2 weeks vacation so that's why I decided to open short class  like 2hours a day & total 5days. I thought i had to come up with a very basic & cute amigurumi pattern for my students to understand. That's when i got an idea & make this baby bee which includes color change, sewing on the pieces & some basic stitches. Sorry if I am taking a lot of your time. Here is the pattern. You can make it if you are just starting to crochet or may be you are looking for a easy pattern to spend some of your free time.

Difficulty : Beginner
Things you will need:

3.5mm crochet hook

Yellow Color Yarn

Black Color Yarn

White Color Yarn

2 Eye beads

Black Paint

Blusher (optional)

Pattern Details
Head & Body (Make one)
Round 30 : 1sc, dec (12)
Round 1 : Magic ring (6sc)
Round 31 : dec (6)
Round 2 : inc (12)

Round 3 : 1sc , inc (18)
Antenna (Make two)
Round 4 : 2sc , inc (24)
Round 1 : Magic ring (6sc)
Round 5 : 3sc , inc (30)
Round 2 : inc (12)
Round 6 : 4sc , inc (36) (Black)
Round 3 : sc around (12)
Round 7 : 5sc, inc (42)
Round 4 : 1sc, dec (8)
Round 8 : 6sc, inc (48)
Round 5 : 1sc, dec, 1sc, 2dec (5)
Round 9 : sc around (48) (Black)
Round 6 to 9 : sc around (5)
Round 10 to 12 : sc around (48)

Round 13 to 14 : sc around (48) (Black)
Wings (Make two)
Round 15 to 23 : sc around (48)
Round 1 : Magic ring (6sc)
Round 24 : 6sc, dec (42)
Round 2 : inc (12)
Round 25 : sc around (42)
Round 3 : 1sc , inc (18)
Round 26 : 5sc, dec (36)
Round 4 : 2sc , inc (24)
Round 27 : 4sc, dec (30)
Round 5 : dc inc around
Round 28 : 3sc, dec (24)

Round 29 : 2sc, dec (18)

Assembling the pieces

Now you have all the pieces together so firstly, sew both antenna on the head & attach the wings on the back. Finally glue 2eyes & draw a mouth with pain & make a pink cheek using blusher. And your baby honey bee is finished. 

If you made this Baby bee, please give me credit as a designer.
If you want to share this pattern, please share this with my blog link. 
This pattern is for your own pleasure, not for selling purpose.
Dreamgirl Crafty.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Amigurumi Update

Hi, everyone
It's had been a long time I didn't post Any new post. But I ll try my best to become active again.  Now I ll share u some of my newest amigurumi plushies.

Monday, 4 November 2013

A visit to Hello Kitty Town Malaysia

Hi there,
At 1.11.13 we go to HK town to celebrate our 8 months anniversary.
It was 1day trip & that's enough for that because there doesn't have much attractions there. HK is only 1st floor & have 6 activities to enjoy. If u want to go with kids, they ll have fun alot. But if u are adults & go there only to see HK , it is enjoyable. Well, we have a great time there. I made that cute HK dress for us & I think it success. We look cute. :P

This at at the entrance to HK town.. Our dress look nice hehe...

At the Hello Kitty Kitchen..

In Hello Kitty room, ready to go... ^0^

 This is my favorite photos of us..

At Hello Kitty Costume place,

At Hello Kitty black wonder , We are on a mission to save Hello Kitty & Daniel with the help of that lamp. We finnally save them & got a certificate... Amazing. :)

 At savorier  shop, we didn't bought anything because everything seems so expensive for us. Just took a lots of pictures, haha... 

Enjoying the dinner after visiting, they give free drink for everyone who comes to Hello Kitty Town. & that restaurant is nice. they said 1st animated jungle feel restaurant & it really is. We enjoy our dinner with the sounds of birds, some animals.. feel like really in a forest. 

So this is all & overall I enjoy our visit to there. Hope u ll enjoy watching all. I ll make a video for that on you tube later. Thanks u!!
If u curious more, feel free to comment & let me know. I ll get back to u. :)

DreamGirl Crafty( Crystal )

Friday, 25 October 2013

How to make a cute pumpkin cake roll plushie (Template))

Happy Halloween Guys!! Sorry can't post new video for so long. I am so busy with my custom orders.
U guys requesting me a cake roll plushie & this is halloween. So 2 birds with 1 stone. Yay!!
This is the template for u guys!! 

This is how it's turned out!!  it's lovely right? 


My tutorial link>> 

Thanks u so much guys!! See u later!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Wedding, Party favors

This is my latest favors update.
I hope u all like them
they are so detailed & small.
That's why so cute!!
 Price: 5RM for each
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Thanks u

Thanks u for watching!! Hope u like!! 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tutorial : How to make a Cute Strawberry Halloween Baby

It's near Halloween so I decided to make a plush.Hope  u  like them.

This is the Tutorial Link...

Wedding Favors 2

This is the Octopus inspired by Tammy. They are so cute. Thanks u Tammy!

Price: 4RM for each

I love how these two turns out. They are so cute.

Price: 5RM for each
Suit with baby Birthday or party favours

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